GUIDE: PRO INVENTORY TIPS (and shortcuts) that you might not know – PUBG

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Inventory management is important, but so are the mechanics and hotkeys surrounding the inventory system too.

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  1. WackyJacky101

    Forgot a tip:
    Pressing ALT+RIGHT CLICK on an ammo stack in your inventory will drop half of it.
    You can also ALT+RIGHT CLICK on an ammo stack on the ground and you will pick up half.

    Same works on all stacked items such as boosters, med kits, nades etc.


    One question: Why do everybody carries their "long range" (from now "LR") gun in the lower slot and their main in the upper one?

    I actually do this the opposite way, and it makes more sense to me, as my LR weapon is the first one and my pistol the last, while keeping my main gun closer to my pistol slot, if necessary, not needing to go through my LR and being able to use it faster.

  3. Robert Vidal

    Wacky I’ve got a question for you! I used V and B for leaning and CTRL for crouching, but since a couple of weeks i can not use V while crouching, it’s like the game has binded CTRL+V to something (paste??) but it’s not in the keybindings in settings… None of my friends has a clue about this. Can you help me please?

  4. VulpeRenard

    WJ, it's worth noting the Alt+Mouse shortcuts ONLY work with the left Alt key. For those of us that use the right-side of the keyboard, we have to reach over to Left Alt. I posted about this on the PUBG bug & suggestion boards months ago. They used to be good about fixing these kinds of things.

  5. mazen azzam

    wacky should be hired by battle grounds itself, to teach the game, inspect bugs, test the servers, and do all hard work he's doing inside the corporation to make the pubg great again.. leave a comment if you agree

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