MortaL vs Coffin pubg mobile

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hey guys welcome to my channel . lot of u guys ask ne that who is the girl in the profile pic , so thats my sis and the co creator of the channel . if u want to check on of her video then click on this link –


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28 Replies to “MortaL vs Coffin pubg mobile”

  1. Muhteşem Öner

    Don't cry noobs, coffin is the best. Coffin doesn't give times to enemies for knock so stupid like you say "coffin plays with bot or noobs" haha😂😂 You are very funny(!)
    You are really noob Hahaha

  2. aboy bailonk

    They are both good in my opinion……but mortal movement is a little better,
    U may say coffin sniper is good but remember Mortal spray DP in 6x and 4x like it nothing……
    And tbh mortal face far serious pro player in Asia server………

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