My Pubg Mobile Claw Setup and Tutorial!

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50 Replies to “My Pubg Mobile Claw Setup and Tutorial!”

  1. King Savage77x

    Ayye bro heard you mentioned you play on 8+. What recording software are you using? I recently made a video using the screen recorder but once I uploaded it to YouTube you couldn’t hear my commentary. Would appreciate some help bro. Great video tho bro. Most definitely gonna try this claw layout.

  2. Olivia Harper

    Wow! That's a pretty comprehensive and impressive tutorial on claw. First I have ever seen. Lot of insight. I kinda understand how it's done now, and how it helps u guys move and shoot much faster than normal thumb players. No wonder ure amazing! All the best with ur homework. It was really nice talking to you in chat. Tc!

  3. Julius Batali

    Thank you so much ZOOTAY! You’re one of the best! I’m new to claw and 3 finger claw at the moment. I’m still learning four finger claw, this has helped me a lot. BTW good luck on the STAR tournament that is coming up, I hope your team wins.

  4. Alex Meyer

    hey man, great video, you shoul do this more often, you said nothing about your jump button, why is this where it is? and wjat do you think about gyroscope, i. mean there you can aim with the movement of the device, so its like a third finger, am i wrong?

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