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Download Global BETA 0.10 Here:

The brand new PUBG Mobile Global BETA 0.10 introduces a new weapon, the MK47 Mutant, as well as a new foregrip attachment, the Laser Sight!! Be sure to let me know what you are most looking forward to in the comments down below as well as what else you’ve found that is new in the Beta!!

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38 Replies to “New PUBG Mobile BETA 0.10 Released – DOWNLOAD LINK – MK47 MUTANT + LASER SIGHT!!”

  1. NoobletMan

    The laser sight is helpful for hipfire accuracy for close combat. It lowers vertical and horizontal spread by a little bit (very unnoticable) but good for pistols. Best to use on ARs if theres no other grip.

    (Hope i explained well, im not good at explaining things)

  2. Rishabh Raj

    The main job of laser sight is just to decrease the hipfire spread by your weapon….it's generally useless for ADS mode….you should use it when you rush into a house with this sight on your SMG or AR (as you like) so that while using claw control setup…your hipfiring accuracy is greater….I'm sure that Mortal fans and claw users will definitely like it and maybe use it…😁😁😁

  3. Hafiyyan RG

    i got notification from pubg mobile.
    Its said pubg mobile will give us 2$ worth ingame currency
    because they're number 1 best game on playstore
    Is that true? They said at 9 december…..

  4. The Sky

    Derek G, i Have an ipad 6th generation (2018) 9.7 inch before i was able to set my graphics into Balance and Extreme Frame rate.. but now ive tried the beta why is it even HD i cant set my graphics anymore.. whats going on in pubg mobile 😩😩😩 .. last 3months i bought this new ipad 6th gen just for the sake of the Huge Settings and high frame rate and now in beta version 0.10 im so disappointed to PUBG MOBILE.., my graphics and frame rate are automatically set into MID. if they would not fix this im not gonna play this anymore gonna uninstall this if the official release of version 0.10 would be just like this.. #HATEVERSION010

  5. Random Person

    Derek! Just know that if you're playing a different game like Oldschool Runescape don't be scared to make a video/livestream on it. Honestly, im losing interest in PUBG I mean its great and all but its getting repetitive. It'd be fun watching you play something you enjoy! Because real fans would always stay by your side. Sorry for the rant πŸ˜…

  6. Jeremy Smith

    I played the beta for a few matches and the biggest change I've notice s the bots. They are not all that dumb anymore. In squads they actually run around in duos with each other. They move a lot more like real people, and no longer fire one shot at a time. They fire full auto and can kill you quick!

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