Ultimate 4K: Enhance Your PUBG Experience with Stunning 4K Visuals & Action

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Experience every pixel in the 100-player battle royale multiplayer mega hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), in 4K ultra high-definition at a velvety smooth 60 FPS with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Learn more here:

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40 Replies to “Ultimate 4K: Enhance Your PUBG Experience with Stunning 4K Visuals & Action”

  1. the WEBSTER

    I want that RTX 2080Ti card plzzzzzz i am running a GTX 1060 … even a new RTX 2060 will work for meeeee 😥😥😥😥😥😥 lemme win the 2080Ti card from giveaway plzzzzzz

  2. spieletippser

    yeees, 1080 Ti. just for 1.000$ !
    Get it now ! for that cheap price ?

    F*CK YOURSELVES seriously 🙂

    Watch the price of the GPU when it came out and watch it now.

    Have your fun, i better pay that amount of money to go on vacation that having this amount WASTED on a card that it already 2 OLD to play ULTRA the next years game .

  3. Joshua Williams

    Usually I really like nvidia marketing but this was a little over the top. Like have you never heard of subtlety? Seriously, even I own a 1080ti and that made my face turn red watching this. Of course it’ll play 4K 60fps, but the way you said it was like give me your money gamers muawahaha

  4. Nikos Germanakos

    Cut the crap and release a new Generation of cards as long as you are already equipped with the technology …!
    You promote 60Fps stable at 4K of PUBG while 1080Ti struggles to maintain even 50 on most titles with high to ultra settings like witcher 3 and Shadow of War
    and when it comes down to FPS tittles including PUBG the goal of the super duper high end card is not peak 60 fps but to be able to support the game
    in higher frame ratios …
    in case you missed it even "You" as Nvidia at CES presented a monitor with 4K and MORE than 60 fps ratio …. oh yeah and the joke here …. comes also with the Gsync
    …. it will be probably a life saver for my screen tearing with my smooth 60 peak FPS (off combat) on 4K with my 1080Ti ….

    Get serious and give us a card that will be able to support even your OWN products and fulfill the promises and expectations you create to the market.

    Being afraid of the crypto currency? it looks like it is the only market you will remain with soon enough if you continue not to act like serious company
    and respect your primary consumer target group ….

    This video is at least a joke …. hurraying for the standard is feeling like trolling most of us …!

  5. Shit Posts

    I have the card and I barely run the game. probably cuz I have the i5 6500 I guess, remember people: You also need some good specs before You're purchasing the card….!


  6. Iron Maiden

    Or, you can do as I, and run vanilla 1080s in sli and trump any stock TI everyday. Butter smooth 60FPS? Pffffft. Try 144fps at 1440p and get back to me when you're out of the toilet. .

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